Web Design

The two things that every company website must do to be successful

First, it’s helpful to think about what a company website is supposed to do really well.

  1. Make you look professional – that is, survive the first impression that people get when they land on your site – if they don’t like the design, they won’t even start reading.
  2. Get people to do stuff – take action. This can mean contacting your company, buying something, or completing their task

The goal will be specific to your business and could for example be filling out a contact form, signing up for a newsletter, or buying something. Every page on your site should have a well defined next step or “call to action” that achieves the goal consistently. This is what all the copy, graphics and layout should be built around.

Las Vegas Web Design Services

WordPress Design and Theme Customization

We build sites in WordPress that enable a lot of functionality right out of the box. There are also a ton of awesome plugins that can enable your sites to do extra things as you have the need for them. There are many Themes that use responsive layouts to ensure your site loads quickly and looks great on multiple screen sizes.

Hosting Setup and Domain Name Transfers for New and Existing Websites

What ever the status of your current websites or domain names are, we have gone through the setup process many times. We’ll point you in the right direction of good providers, assist with transfers and setup, and even fill out the forms for you. Dealing with hosting and domain name vendors can be difficult in certain circumstances – so start the process early if you are on a deadline.

Email address setup and troubleshooting

You will almost certainly want the email addresses of you and your employees to end in "@your-domain.com" to be more professional. We’ll set up all your accounts through the hosting C-Panel then walk you through setup on your email client or mobile device to get your team up and running. More about email on this page: Client Area

Our focus

Ease of use

Websites shouldn’t get in the way of the user. This means large text, crisp navigation and user interface elements that people are already familiar with.

Responsive Design / Mobile Support

We test extensively so that layouts look the absolute best in modern browsers and then degrade nicely in older ones.

SEO from the ground up

Everything from the copy we write to the words chosen for internal links is done with organic SEO in mind and never just tacked on as an afterthought. SEO Services »