Don’t you hate it when you’re on a company’s website looking for how much they charge for what they do, and you can’t find it anywhere?

So does everyone else!

I usually just keep looking for a competitor that does provide prices before I call someone. Most people are the same way. Why pick up the phone when you can just look at another website?

Hopefully this page helps you out – we are not the cheapest design company out there, nor the most expensive (by far). We aim to do quality work that gives value. At fair prices.

How much?

It depends… Everything is based on project Scope, backend work like transferring domains and what the current website has on it. A ballpark figure can be given in the first conversation we have, after you can answer a few questions. Our prices are flexible but don’t expect them to go much below the figures below.

Minimum Project Sizes:

A fully developed WordPress website with a custom theme design with copywriting and SEO starts at $4000 and goes up from there. Details of the project such as deadlines and scope will affect the cost. Additional costs may include hosting fees or third party services.

If we are collaborating with other designers, copywriters or developers then obviously the fee will be smaller but in general we won’t get involved for less than $1000. This is just due to a large amount of work that must be done to spec out a project for a new client.

Ongoing SEO Support & Content building: from $250 / month

We also provide content writing and SEO service where we consistently improve your website. This allows you to just run your business as usual. This approach will give you a lot more value out of your site than the traditional model of launch & leave. For more info please visit the SEO Services Page

Before we scare you away, read this!

If you’re not sure what you need, then you can’t really know if a web designer is too expensive for you. Sometimes the first part of a project just needs to be figuring out all the stuff your website needs to do from the start, what stuff can wait a little while, and what your idea of “Quality” is. Writing a plan has to come first, and we can make this into the 1st stage of your project. Then you’ll have a map of the process before you write any big checks to anyone, whether that ends up being us or not.

Refund & Deposit Policy: Policies Page