Copywriting And Content Writing

So, in order for your content to be read, what do you do?

You stand out — by presenting them with useful, helpful information based around your industry in addition to simply listing your products and services. This allows your company to present itself as a trusted resource rather than just another vendor competing on price alone.

How we help you write great copy for your website

  • Shorten and Clarify Complicated Language by using keywords that your customers use while searching, not industry used terms they don’t know yet. This has to be done by carefully thinking about the reader and what stage of the buying cycle they currently are at, and what words should be used. We also help to bring the grade-level of the writing down so that everyone on your site can easily comprehend what is written in the shortest amount of time.
  • Write in a Conversational Tone The best type of copy reads just like a letter to a friend, written to a single person. This gives your company a voice and personality, answering the questions that your customers have like you were right there speaking to them. This is in contrast to blocks of text that are supposed to game the search engines, but are immediately skimmed over by people reading because they are hard to read.
  • Regularly Create Useful Content to transform your brand from just another advertiser hanging out their shingle to an authority in your industry that people think of when they need a question answered. Actively generating content gives you not only something to actively share on social media, but helps bring in traffic to your website by raising your search engine rankings.

How are copy writing services priced?

New Sites – A new site can be quoted based on the amount of pages, research involved and subject matter. Another factor to take into account will be the status of existing copy or written material.

Blog Content – these are provided on a monthly retainer starting around $250 per month. Pricing depends on frequency of publishing, research involved and type of content.