Email Setup

How to Change your Password

Log in to the webmail panel “yourdomain.extension/webmail” Example: and go to “settings” as shown here. You will be prompted to enter in your current password, and then the new one. The “Save Settings” button is in the top-right corner. After pressing the button, the password will update, however there is no visual confirmation.

Passwords can also be changed through the Mediatemple Accountcenter if you have your login details.

Email Setup for hosted email accounts

Step 1: Make sure you have the correct info for your account.

In order to set up your email account on your computer or mobile device, you need a few pieces of information before you get started:

You Need: Example:
The email address that was set up for you with the correct extension (.com, .ca etc.)
Your Password:
Access domain – this is a server address that is used to send and retrieve messages

Where do I get my setup info?

You will most likely need to contact the administrator if you need a new account set up or would like to configure any kind of forwarding. Lost setup info can also be requested using the form on this page. If you have access to the Mediatemple Accountcenter, the server address can be found under “Server Guide” from the main dashboard.

Step 2: Find Your Setup Guide on the Mediatemple Website

We use Mediatemple for hosting, and they have an automated tool to help you find setup information for your particular email program or mobile device. Mediatemple’s Automated Configuration Tool

Once you find the correct guide for your device, it will show you the step by step process of setting up your account.

Troubleshooting: Slow Sending and Receiving?

There are additional settings you can try if you experience slow delivery of sent messages. This is more common on mobile devices.

  1. Enable SSL (regular)
  2. Set Ports to these values:
  • Incoming: 993
  • Outgoing: 465

Video Walkthroughs

These video guides show you the process of setting up your account for common devices.

Setup for Mozilla Thunderbird

Setup for Outlook 2007

Setup for Android