Trakker Data Acquisition and Control

Project Details

Trakker Data Acquisition and Control makes a system for monitoring vibration in heavy equipment. They can also be used to automate various processes in these industrial machines.

Working from a very limited amount of existing collateral, the website had to be started almost completely from scratch. This meant crafting the content from many pages of notes that were taken on calls with the owner of the company, Butch Foster. Due to the complexity of the technology, a lot of time was taken learning and researching the system to build the content for the website. A lot of care had to be taken in order to put the complex technical information used by engineers into a form that can be understood in laymen's terms.

The site works to educate customers about the capabilities for the system to help protect their expensive equipment and minimize downtime in various facilities to help their bottom line.


A large contract for the company came as a result of them finding a rare technology that Trakker provides. The client found the website through a search engine and made contact.