Sammy’s Worlds Greatest Pizza

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Project Details

The guys at Sammy's knew they needed a website but didn't just want a plain menu type of site. A clean, simple design was initially launched and more detail and functionality has been added over time. The site was built using standards-based HTML/CSS and the navigation was created in such a way to ensure that the site loads quickly and is easily used by mobile devices. The site uses some Flash animation but alternate content is also presented to users without Flash.

SEO was implemented in the project from the very start to start immediately getting traffic through search engines. The website was additionally promoted by in-store signage and printing the URL on all pizza boxes that go out. A monthly newsletter was started to keep customers up to date and offer coupons and specials, this has the added benefit of getting more return visitors to the site every month.


After 4 years there are more than 4000 unique visitors to the site each month and the newsletter has over 700 subscribers.