Our Privacy Policy

Last updated 3/10/2014

We respect the privacy of our clients and newsletter subscribers. This means that we will not share, sell, or rent our list to outside vendors or marketers. All user and business information remains private.

Our Refund & Cancellation Policy

For website design, you will not be charged until you approve the initial estimate. Once a payment or deposit is made, it is non-refundable. There are no refunds once the design has been accepted and we have begun work.

We do not refund partial payments on any recurring month-to-month services such as SEO or content marketing once that month has begun

There are no refunds on any completed work. Projects with work in progress may be canceled; but payment will be due for work completed up to that point in time and is at our discretion.

Hosting accounts that are set up when the project is started take up a specific amount of server resources, and payment for such services are non-refundable. Payment for services is still due regardless if the client did not make use of the service, such as if the project was delayed before the actual site launch.

Payment Terms

All invoiced amounts are due 21 days after the date of the invoice in which we will make a courtesy call and/or email reminder. If payment is not received after 30 days, we reserve the right to suspend website hosting service until payment is made.

We reserve the right to immediately cancel service without notice if you are found to be in violation of any of our policies including sending spam, illegal activities or copyright violations. If your service is terminated due to violation of any of these policies a refund will not be issued.

Legal Policy and Warranties

If we host the site for the customer, they have the right to move the site's files to another host if they wish. There is no warranty in place or assurance that the site will run on other servers/hosts that may use different coding protocol.

We assume no liability for loss of sales or income in relation to websites we have created, their up-time, or technical problems.