Email Info

We'll provide help for setting up and troubleshooting your email as much as we can, but only to a certain point. We are a Web Design company, not an IT support company.

Part of making customers happy is managing their expectations.

For email to work properly, many variables are at play - such as...

  • What various accounts you may have set up
  • What version of a particular email client software or operating system you might be using
  • Your website hosting platform and server configuration

In larger companies, IT/Tech Support staff are generally present to help with these matters, who also work to establish clear protocols on how everything is set up. The amount of time spent can be significant, and this is simply not an option for a smaller website project where there is limited time and money available to fix these issues. If additional time is needed to fix a setup issue or conflict, there can be additional charges. We can discuss this with you during the project. You can read more about this and other policies on the Policies Page

While there are only a few steps involved in setting up email on a computer or mobile device, the process is not always intuitive. A person with minimal technical know-how may find the process difficult. This difficulty (a relative term) should be anticipated at the outset of the project so you can get the help you need (or don't need). — Thanks!

View our self setup resources here: Email Setup Info